Thursday, February 26, 2015

We are all Immigrants.



See President Obama's talk on this subject.

Obama's speech on Immigration. "We are ... a country of Immigrants."

I think this video is worth watching. We need to do something to help the immigrants who came here as children, or who have deep ties to the US and have lived here many years. Let us help them as we wish someone helped our forefathers (and mothers). Probably someone did and that was how we were able to stay here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Article on Quarry Hill in the 1970s

This article just came out in VERMONT WOMAN. and in print in Burlington, VT. There are a few inaccuracies in this article, but it is a very sweet and very kind picture of us in those days. (The first picture is actually in the 1990s). It states, for instance, that people found selling their houses almost impossible in those days. That is not true... it was just that mortgages were hard to get... We never refused to "let" someone sell their house. The houses belong to the residents and we have a lease arrangement with them now, with some exceptions. Some of the houses are owned by the family corporation, Lyman Hall, Inc. Please read this! It has a real flavor of the "way we were." -- Ladybelle

Friday, February 6, 2015

J. Du Pre

Happy Middle of Winter

Almost time for Spring. I can't wait. I miss it so much and it has been a long, lonely winter. But I still feel at one with the stars, moon and the beautiful mountains.