Sunday, July 6, 2014

A couple of topics... food for yourself and a donation of money or work for visiting-- and our 2015 ART and WRITING project!!

We welcome visitors and for many years have "entertained angels unawares," and we hope and plan to continue doing so. However, we can't afford to feed anyone though we can sometimes provide a room or camping space up in the woods. Visitors are welcome to forage, but this CAN NOT be their only way of feeding themselves.

We are also a business and must reserve some rooms for rentals. We don't have enough money to offer room and board in exchange for work. We can sometimes offer a room in exchange for skilled work (such as plowing or working on carpentry or mechanics) on a long term basis.

Recently we've been getting a lot of people coming to visit who arrive with no money and no food. We would like to help but can not support visitors with food or money. Please, please, don't come without food or money for the first few days and a plan for getting money for food for a longer period (such as getting a local job or perhaps applying for Food Stamps, in which case you must eat separately from other people in order not to break government rules. If you want, we can discuss how you can stay for a while, but we ask that you bring money for a room if you can ($200-- 350 usually) and ALWAYS bring FOOD and MONEY to care for yourself. Thanks!

-- Ladybelle and co.

We also welcome donations to our artist in residence co-op project for next summer. Writers will write stories or anecdotes, put them p, and artist will choose which ones they wish to make some kind of illustration or other representation of. We will have a show when it is done... musicians and other creative people welcome, too. Check out our Crowdfunding site (I'll see if I can find it!)
In any case, it will be here in the summer of 2016 and we welcome artists and writers and other creative people of all sorts at a reasonable rate for use of the rooms and the public areas.

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