Saturday, July 18, 2015

Save Animals! Help Dogs and Cats!

One of the primary tenets of Quarry Hill is to help animals -- children, animals and then others.  Children are the main focus of QH because they come innocent and open into the world and
then often get treated either horribly or without respect...  it's a whole other topic.

But ANIMALS are on my mind these last few days. I have always cared about animals, cats, dogs, birds, bees, horses, cows, and all of the above and it is against all we think and feel to harm an animal. While one does not have to be a vegetarian to live here, we do ask that people not keep animals for killing or eating on the  place and ask not to hunt or fish.
I've therefore these last days been trying to do what I can to help dogs (to begin with) and cats.
All can help! YOU Can save a life in high - kill shelters in Texas and Florida and probably some parts of the Northeast too . I mostly interact for the time being  with animal volunteers in Corpus Christi, TX (Nueces Co., where there are many animals killed every week and more on holidays.)
Unless Rescued, they die. There are also many kind people who want to help.

There are many sites on Facebook and probably Twitter that offer to Crosspost (share) information on  animals in these shelters. There are also 501c3 nonprofit corporations (rescues) that save these animals and people who will foster them... though not enough.
We have a lot of dogs here at the moment and kids too (they don't mix when kids are little), so we are not a shelter, but I often think of this idea... give QH back to the beasts of the woods and fields!

Please if you have a chance, go into FB and find some of these volunteer pages such as Nuaches Co. Animals in Need of Rescue.  Find a dog or cat that you like and "share" its information to the many cross posting and sharing sites. Writing something sweet or blunt about them may attract attention. Or offer to help with money (pledging). Don't pledge unless you can really spare the money and PLEASE be CAUTIOUS before sending it. Make sure you see FREEDOM Pictures and get the feeling that the dog is really free (or ask volunteers by e mail) if it is free.  If so, please send the money you promised, usually by Pay Pal.
I really feel that this is worth doing though it is painful.
Animals are sentient beings!

at Quarry Hill
Rochester, VT.

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